Oak Bridge Club NewsSawgrass Players Club Residents

On Feb. 6, the results came in. And the Sawgrass Players Club residents voted overwhelmingly to approve the development agreement between Alta Mar, the parent company of The Oak Bridge Club, and the Sawgrass Players Club Board of Directors. The entire team at the Club is thrilled about the result and is already working toward creating an even better Club for the community. Here’s a statement from Dave Miller, owner of Alta Mar:

“We are grateful to the residents of Sawgrass for voting for a better future for the Oak Bridge Club. We avoided having a failed golf course in the heart of our community, and can now look forward to a much-improved family friendly amenity for the Ponte Vedra Beach area. Much like the success story of the Atlantic Beach Country Club, our goal is increasing the quality of life and home values by completely renovating our golf course to the high standards of this area. We look forward to working with county officials as we identify a qualified buyer to develop our property. We are committed to finding an ideal partner who will understand and respect the area’s quality of life.”

Check out this story from the Ponte Vedra Recorder for even more information.

What are the next steps?

County Approval — Over the coming months, we will seek approval and permits from St. John’s County. The overwhelming majority of the community vote is a strong signal to the County Commission.

Development — We’re working to find a qualified buyer for the land that can meet the parameters of the development agreement that the community approved. Any buyer of the sale area will still be subject to review and approval by appropriate entities.

Reinvestment — With the sale, we will commit to reinvesting millions of dollars back into The Oak Bridge Club golf course. We agree with golf luminaries like Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods, who have endorsed 12-hole golf courses. We are thrilled about dramatically improving the quality of The Oak Bridge Club’s golf course, while making it more available to working professionals and families who want to enjoy the game despite their busy schedules.